Monthly & Group Work


The Astrology Path

I personally have found Astrology and Numerology to be a very powerful tool in getting to know yourself, your character traits, strengths and weaknesses and using that knowledge to help you deal with your blocks and limitations. I like to look at your chart, star sign and north node to coach you on ways to approach dealing with everyday situations through the Astrology lens.

We can also deep dive into compatibility and energy around the degrees of distance between each star sign - same sign (conjunct) through to six signs apart (opposite). This information can provide learnings around how to deal with individuals in all types of relationships from love, friendships, colleagues and family.

This is an alternative approach to regular life coaching and can be helpful in problem-solving and understanding yourself and others.



Moon Cycle Rituals

Working with the Moon Cycles is a powerful and practical way of getting in-tune with your intentions, utilising the moon's energy and phases. It's a ritual-based practice and I teach my clients how to set-up a simple list of what they want to manifest and let go of and we work on specific dates during the moon's monthly cycle. We also connect the astrology-aspect of that month (for example, Moon in Libra) which will enhance the experience.

This method is becoming a very popular modality due to its surprisingly accurate results. Ongoing life coaching sessions can be arranged as sometimes it helps to have someone to do this with - like a yoga buddy.

This modality is definitely for clients interested in deepening their spiritual practice.



Wiccan Spells

This a fun and creative approach to personal healing. Spells involve love, harmony, wisdom, empowerment and creativity. Wicca to me is a spiritual practice that works with nature, visualisation, energy and responsibility. I use a set of Magickal cards to find the Spell that is right for what needs to be worked on. I take you through the process of how to work with this energy. Spells have a way of keeping your personal energy and the energy of your personal space clear and positive. 

I also intend to hold weekend workshops in 2018 teaching Spells. This can be a fun few hours with a group of friends. We use various type of craft materials and crystals. Group events can be arranged for 10 or more.