Tarot Readings

Tarot originated in the 15th century and is still widely used as a guidance tool. These 78-card decks are a combination of suits, symbols and numbers which hold collective meanings and represent the energy of a situation.

I use intuition, custom spreads, pointy questions and a sense of humour to create the best outcome and a pathway to healing. I provide ways to help you connect with your own subconscious so you can deep dive with me.

I’m not a traditional Tarot reader or psychic. My approach is to co-create the session with you and use the Tarot as a life-coaching tool. You are the creator of your own reality and this approach keeps you in the driver’s seat.

Tarot 1hr - $100

Online FaceTime / Skype / Email

(In person by Referral)


Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a powerful energy healing technique that works with the body's chakras and meridian energy lines.

Reiki is a holistic therapy that aims to bring about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

I activate the natural healing processes by placing my hands over specific points of the body, allowing the Reiki energy to flow. I use crystals on specific chakra points to aid the clearing of that area.

This practice is gentle, relaxing, calming, non-invasive and for all ages. 30min distant healing sessions are also available for clients who are unable to attend the session in person.

Reiki - 1.5hr - $150

(In person by Referral)

Distance - 30mins - $80



EFT Tapping is used as an energy healing technique for physical pain or emotional distress. It’s performed by tapping meridian points on your body with two fingers continually in a sequence.

In the session we identify the stress or pain you want to focus on and I work with you to create a dialogue that focuses on the feeling and desired outcome whilst tapping.

My simplistic explanation of what Tapping does is to create new neural pathways (rewire the brain) until the body no longer responses or recognises the stress or trauma.

The benefit of Tapping and why it's so popular is because you feel the benefits straight away and once learnt, you can do this in the privacy of your home.

Tapping - 1hr - $100

Online via FaceTime / Skype

(In person by Referral)


Intuitive Mentoring

Mentors are so important and can be an integral part of our wellbeing.

We come to stages in our life when coaching and counselling can greatly benefit us in moving forward and reconnecting to ourselves and our values.

My approach requires an open-mind to energy healing and spiritual guidance.

I tailor the sessions according to the nature of the issue, the personality of the client and desired outcome.

Throughout my sessions, you’ll be given the tools to self-actualise and self-heal. Ritual work is a focus, as it is a very valuable way of transitioning from one place to the next.

Initial session - 1.5hrs - $150

Regular sessions - 1hr - $100

Online via FaceTime / Skype

(In person by Referral)