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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a powerful stress reduction and relaxation energy healing technique that works with the body's chakras and meridian energy lines. Rei (meaning "higher power" and Ki meaning "life force") is a holistic therapy that aims to bring about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I activate the natural healing processes by placing my hands over specific points of the body, allowing the Reiki energy to flow. This practice is gentle, non-invasive and for all ages.

Reiki 1hr - $100

Reiki + Tarot 1.5hrs - $150 (popular)


Tarot Reading

Tarot originated in the 15th century and is widely used as a guidance and divination tool. The 78-card deck is a combination of suits, symbols, numbers and archetypes. With the use of knowledge, intuition, storytelling and custom spreads, I read the card meanings to best answer your questions relating to relationships, work, health and family. I also provide ways to help you connect with your own subconscious and intuition. By co-creating the session, it becomes a more meaningful and personalised outcome.

Tarot 30min - $50 - Online

Tarot 1hr - $100 - In person


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EFT Tapping

EFT is a form of 'psychological acupressure'. It's an easy tool to learn and is performed by tapping meridian points on your own body. Once we have identified the problem you want to focus on, I work with you to create a dialogue that reinforces healthy affirmations and teach you how to do the sequence of taps. The pattern of Tapping that EFT uses reinforces new neuronal pathways and is the key to the rewiring of the brain. The benefit of Tapping and why it's so popular is because once learnt, you can do this in the privacy of your home.

Initial session - 1hr - $100 

Regular sessions - 30mins - $50

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Life Coaching

I approach Life Coaching and Counselling sessions using intuition and a mix of modalities, depending on the nature of the issue and the personality of the client. I find starting the conversation with Tarot or Oracle cards a good approach and from the information presented, we decide what modality suits to give us the right outcomes. I also find ritual work and goal-setting after the session to be a very valuable way of transitioning from one place to the next.

Initial session - 1.5hrs - $150

Regular sessions - 1hr - $100


Distant Healing

Distant energy healing is for a client or anyone who is need of assistance but is who is unable to attend a session in person. It's beneficial to prepare a quiet space to enable the Reiki energy to be received and the healing to take place (although not essential). After the session, I will communicate what came up. A photo or something belonging to the client is required. 

Sessions 30mins - $50

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Space Clearing

Space clearing is useful for balancing, aligning and harmonising you with your environment. The first stage is 'decluttering' - a way to move stagnant energy, release emotions and free-up space to attract what you really want. The second stage is a clearing ceremony using smudging techniques, salt, sound, feng-shui and crystal placement. This practice will raise the vibration around you and really shift what is no longer needed. I even enjoy the 'closet cleanse' and approach this exercise with the same principles. More information early 2018.

Price quoted upon request